Sunday, December 5, 2010

21 Weeks Down

18 weeks until D-Day!


Nice! Everything now in the 'teens. :) Ok, ok. Here is the 21 week picture. Happy, Kelly?! LOL!

 I'm not a fan of this picture. Jason likes it. And, I promised I would post a pic. So, there!

Do you notice the blank spot on my tree that seems to be missing ornaments? Yeah, that's Andrew's doing. He takes them off and he puts them in a different spot on the tree. At least they don't end up in the toy box or the floor. He tries. He gets mad to when I move them back. So, I've just left them where he places them.

Well, nothing went on this weekend, except an awesome surprise at dinner. We got Chili's To-Go and found a surprise in our order - 2 brownie sundae dessert shots! FUN! Fine, maybe it was a part of their promo they had going on tonight... I loved it! Thank you, Chili's!

Oh, and this week Andrew and I are going to try out some new story times. AND!!!! Zoolights starts this weekend!! We might be going to the Zoo twice this weekend. They are having their Christmas for the animals this weekend. How cool is that?! The animals will get to open up their presents - that is so cute!

Anyhoo! Lots of fun this week. Hopefully, the weather won't be too bad for the night-time events :)


  1. I would LOVE this picture except for that UGLY shirt you're wearing!!!!! :-O

  2. hahaha! whaaaaatever! your just jealous that our colors are prettier than those stinky eagle colors!


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