Saturday, December 4, 2010

Are they for real?

Last night, definitely past midnight...Jason was watching TV (Comedy Central) while I was getting everything ready for the next day and getting ready for bed. And what do I hear in the background?


I haven't seen a commercial for a Chia Pet in years. But, one for a few presidents? Nope.

I asked Jason once the commercial was over and the dumbfounded looks melted from both of our faces was, "Are they for real? Is that a joke?" Jason really was not sure.

I mean... 1) It's Comedy Central - who knows what is real on that channel. 2) They still sell those? and 3) If anyone get this...we are giving our prez an afro...

Now, we are definitely Republican. But, I'm sorry the idea of a Chia Pet as ANY president (no matter how funny we thought it was that moment) is just wrong....

What do you think about this? Lincoln does look look great with green "hair."

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