Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Out with the Old

...in with the new!

This morning Andy was very helpful in taking everything out of boxes for me. All of his baby clothes, clothes to grow into (thanks, Mom!), toys were all over the floor in his room. But, it's ok. I wanted that. I went through every single piece outfit to determine what will become Alex's. Luckily, the majority of Andy's are all now Alex's. There were probably about 10 outfits that were so not the right season (like all the fleece...a bit too much for summer, eh?). But, anyhoo, 1 small Huggies diaper box of cute outfits that my boys can't wear will now go to some children in need. Now I can't wait for my awesome dresser to get here! See?

It's so nice! Half for Andy, half for Alex, and the top drawers for the many different types of diapers and whatnot. It comes next week! YAY!

I'll have a picture soon of what the room is going to look like soon. I found some great things and am just figuring out what I want for them. They are going to have the coolest room in the house! Other than the kitchen. Playing, sleeping and eating. The main things that boys do, right?

23 weeks down and 16 left!! We can't wait to meet you, Alex!

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