Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Sweet Mess

This afternoon, during naptime, I made some super easy sugar cookies. I found a great recipe that only calls for like 6 or 7 ingredients. If you don't follow Southern Plate yet...what is the hold up? She's amazing and I have to thank my friend, Rachel, for telling me about her! Awesome stuff! Go check it out!

Southern Plate

Anyway, after nap time and once the cookie dough was chilled and ready for the little hands of future Master Chef Andy, we got to work! I took out the rolling pin, cookie cutters, frosting, sprinkles, everything. It was a sweet mess! It seriously looked like a bakery had EXPLODED on my kitchen table. But, it was totally worth it!

He loved it! He loves being in the kitchen and "cooking" anyway, but this really made his afternoon!That last pic (above) - yeah, those are his cookies. I let him have the leftover dough to make his own cookies. I just showed him how to grab some and squish it however and put it on the pan. He made about 7 cookies all on his own. What a cutie!!

After dinner, Jason helped by taking pictures of the decorating part of this sugary madness. Andrew loved squeezing the icing out and making dots on the cookies. He picked out a snowflake to decorate. :)

Finally, the shaking of the sprinkles began and he loved that the most, it seemed... There were tiny red sprinkles all over the kitchen when he was done. Oh, well. He had fun and so did I!

He enjoyed every last bit of the frosting, too. These last pictures just made us laugh and laugh!! Good times!


  1. Love that next to last picture!!! Hilarious!!!!!!
    What icing did you use? Is it in a squeeze bottle like paint?

  2. I know he is so funny!

    I used can frosting - Duncan Hines :) I cheated... Those squeezy things are from my MIL. She got them from Pampered Chef.


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