Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Machines Day!

Today, we went on a surprise outing to the McWane Center to see all of the BIG machines. Everything HUGE was out there for all the little kids to enjoy. Cranes, dump trucks, "diggers" (you know, backhoes and whatnot), fire trucks, everything! We didn't exactly tell Andrew where we were going or anything, except for "we are going to see some BIG things!" He looked out the car window every now and then trying to see what was so big. Well, how about a crane, little man?

Jason said that the look on his face was so funny when they walked up to this thing. 

He even got to "drive" it, but I snapped this pic to late. They were listening to the crane facts.

I wish I could have gotten the whole thing. It was HUGE! They didn't even have it raised all the way!

 Driver Andy :)

 Checkin out the digger.
 Pretty cool, he thinks.

These sharks are pretty cute, I admit. But, I was too scared to let Andrew touch. His Daddy sure wasn't! Andrew touched the fin of one and the tail of another! I'm sure the grandmothers would have tried to stop them. LOL!! 

 Can't get enough of "driving" :)

Can you guess who this is?!!

 I hope that this is the only tornado we ever experience...

 Making clouds!

Jason telling his little engineer to be about these robots. These are the kind he actually works with!!

Out of everything we did and saw at the McWane Center, this was the winner. Those of you that know Jason I am sure can imagine the excitement! He even told me to take a video. Enjoy!

If you have trouble viewing, click here.

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