Friday, February 25, 2011

Update on the Big Boy!

It has been 6 days of the big boy adventures in real toddlerhood! We set up the new crib as a toddler bed and moved Andrew's original crib to the other side of the room for Alex to use when he's a month old (6 1/2 weeks to go people!). If you missed that post, you can click here.

Andrew has been doing SO well sleeping in his bed! He gets in for me with no problems at all for naptime and bed time. He STAYS in there until I come to get him. I guess he hasn't realized he can get out of it. He gets out on his own when it is time, but otherwise he's in there happy as anything.

He still sleeps super awesome through the night, as he had done since about just about 5 months old. Yep, 11-12 hours and going strong! Sweet! And, naptime is still holding at 2 1/2 hours. Very nice break for me in the middle of the day!

I did hear on Monday night something that sounded like a little monkey. Of course, when I went to go see what Mr. Man was doing, he was back under the covers with a very sneaky smile on his face... Hmmmm.... LOL!

Even though we have had such a great time with this change, we did have a mini-accident. Yep, he fell out. Oh, but he was fine. Scared the mess out of me and Jason. But, he wasn't crying because he was hurt. He was MAD THAT HE FELL OUT. He was seriously annoyed with the whole thing. He was ok with a QUICK hug from us, but then he climbed back in and shut his eyes. While we were still in there. What a sillypants! He was annoyed, not hurt. That just cracks me up. Yes, I'd be mad, too. But, he's still a little guy, ya know? Very funny. Wow. He's like me I guess. I HATE to be woken up when I don't need to be...

Other than that, everything has been going so well with the new bed. He loves it!!

Our rules:

1. NO JUMPING! Even a tiny bounce and he's off. I'm only going to the hospital to HAVE a baby...Not get one "repaired" after an accident.
2. NO TOYS in the bed, on the floor, etc. Everything must be put back into the closet during sleepytime. He is allowed to have Tucker, his favorite elephant. Also, during the day, he can read or play with a puzzle on his bed. But that's it.

Simple for us and simple for him. He knows the rules, too. He catches on to things so fast. It is amazing.

What is our next adventure? Potty training. This summer will be our potty training adventure. We've already started talking about it to him...especially when he's getting his diaper changed. He hates it. He has things to do. So, we always tell him, "A big boy goes to the potty." or "If you don't want to have diapers, you have to be a big boy and go to the potty." Things like that. He's started to get it a little bit. We aren't going to rush it or anything, but we do hope that it will be another easy change... He's a pretty easy going guy. So we will see!

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