Friday, February 25, 2011

P90X - Week 1 (almost)

I write so many posts about Andrew and the pregnancy and the house, but for whatever reason I never have much to write about the person who provides this amazing life for us. Jason is the best husband in the whole world and I really should write more about what's going on with him.

But, since I am sure the majority of you do not want to hear about his latest raid in the World of Warcraft, I'll tell you about his journey through P90X. :) I can see the look on his face right now... LOL! He did say that he was going to post about it or start a blog of his own. But why do that when he has a blog that he doesn't really use? This one! It's about our family. So, here we go!

Week 1 - Bring it! (LOL - sorry, but if you have seen this program on those infomercials...that is the lamest tagline...omg...)

So, last Thursday night (a week ago), Jason and I sat at the kitchen table making a menu plan, grocery list, matching coupons, etc. Yes, he actually helped me do this. He has been coming up with some great menus, too! He's following the diet plan almost exactly (meaning he's only off a bit by, like, a carb or 2 or something...). It's been a bonus for Andrew and I because we both are eating better. Not that we are terrible foodies, but you know... Mac n cheese isn't the best thing for dinner. LOL. Anyway, great food!

The best part? I only cooked 1 night this week! HA! Jason's been grilling everything. And, I cheated. I used the handy dandy slow cooker. So, really... I didn't do anything! It's been a great break.

The workouts started on Sunday morning. 5 AM. 5 AM on a weekend. At first I was annoyed...hello? It's the weekend. But, he gets up does his workout, takes his shower and I barely hear him. So, I get the rest I need to start storing until Alex gets here. On the weekends, Jason gets Andrew up and they both wake me up eventually. It's so nice to see 2 wonderful smiles in the morning!! During the work week, I get Andrew up and then we all have breakfast together. It is wonderful!! We used to be in such chaos in the mornings. Barely getting the chance to say good morning and good bye. Now we all have a relaxing morning TOGETHER. Jason get to have extra time with Andrew. I am not so crabby. I still have my moments, but it's better since this thing has started.

Now about his progress so far. He made me take the "before" pictures, like the program says to do. I won't post them just yet. They aren't bad, but he said not to until he's done. So, you will have to wait! He's been doing really well! He hasn't even complained about being sore. Well, he did this morning, but he did the KenpoX (like karate sort of) and that one is evil. So, understandable.

It's been a week for him (tomorrow is the stretching day - like an off day) and he's been doing great!

He told me one evening that this was a lifestyle change for him, but I think it is for all of us :) We are all benefiting from this. We are learning to eat better and be more family centered. And I love every minute of it!

Keep watching for Jason's P90X updates!! This is a 90 day program (almost 13 weeks), so there is a lot more to come.

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