Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Date

Last night, Jason and I celebrated our Valentine's Night at our favorite restaurant ever - Surin West. Best Thai food you'll find. Our friend, Rachel, suggested a trade-off a few weeks ago for this and it was the best idea! We really weren't sure if we were even going to go anywhere. So, thanks, Rachel! :D

Bump's getting bigger - 9 weeks to go! 
We are thinking that Alex is bigger than Andrew was. We will see.

We probably ate too much, but oh well. It was totally worth it! We had Crab Angels and the California Roll for an appetizer. Jason had his favorite - Spicy Beef Noodle. I had mine - Thai Noodle. And we ended it with (enter drum roll!) a most delicious Mocha Brownie! See? Too much. But... OH. SO. GOOD.

It was such a great night! We actually got to talk together without having to insert the typical parental commands. You know... "Stop doing that, (child's name)" or "Eat your dinner" or anything else. LOL. And we got to chat without hearing "the Packers are the Super Bowl 45 Champions" for the millionth time (thanks NFL Network for your OBNOXIOUS replays...the football season is over, guys). It was so nice to just be us again (Andrew was asleep when we got home, too - bonus!) for the evening. 

What a great night!!

Happy Valentine's!!

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  1. Awww, I'm SO glad you guys had fun-you deserved it!!!
    Can't wait for our turn next week! :-)


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