Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power Outage + Witching Hour = ??

A Pillow Pile! A pillow pile will save your sanity and keep the crazy one occupied until Daddy comes home.

Flashlights! Flashlight with an easy on/off button for little hands are also wonderful!

It was not fun to have the power out from 4:45 until a little bit after 6 pm. Word is a tree fell onto the lines and knocked out a few neighborhoods. At least it was not because of an ice storm, sorry Yankees. But no worries. I hear that we are going to be getting a "snow shower" on Friday or Saturday, so I'm sure everyone will run right out and get their French Toast supplies (milk, bread, and eggs). LOL!

Anyhoo! Here's some of our "fun" from last evening's lights out:

If you have trouble viewing, click here.


  1. HAHAHA! I was just about to post a similar blog!!

  2. too funny!! great minds think alike!


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