Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outside is the Best!

This week has been wonderful! Perfect weather - great temperature, sunny skies, sweet breeze! Andrew's favorite thing to do is be outside anytime, anywhere. It really doesn't matter to him what the weather is like. He wants to be outside. Me, on the other hand... I like days like today with a high of 71. Andrew also love animals of any how about a day at the zoo!

Loves to watch the train go by.

Checking out all the birds.

 Our turn on the train :)

Listening to the "engineer" tell us about the animals we are passing. 

Loves the squirrel monkeys!

They are pretty cute :)

We fed this guy. As soon as Andrew saw the ducks, he instantly said, "quack! quack! quack!"

I like the flamingos. Most were sleeping at the time though. 

Lunch at the zoo :)

We had to go say "bye-bye" to the zebras before heading home.

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