Thursday, February 3, 2011

The House Notebook

Everything you need to know is inside.

If you are one of the lucky few that get to help out the first few weeks (or for the rest of forever lol) once Alex arrives, then you will need this binder.

Inside you will find:

1. Contacts - Our cell numbers, emergency contacts, friends/neighbors list, etc.
2. Children - Currently just Andrew's page, but soon this will include Alex. Everything is here. What a typical day with Andrew is like, bedtime routine, favorites, rules, allergies, medicine dosages (if needed), pediatrician information (also in contacts) etc.
3. Pets - So, just Max. :) His favorites, rules, food, and vet information (also in contacts).
4. Fun Things - For those allowed to take him out and about really. Playground information and such.
5. Area Info - Restaurant where kids eat free (ok that's for me)
6. My binder included a pocket file. This will include any takeout/delivery menus and any restaurant coupons.

I didn't take a picture, because it isn't all that fancy. But it will do just fine. It was funny, too, because the day this challenge was posted my mom called and asked for this exact information to have while she takes care of Andrew for us. Nice!

Need to make a binder? This project cost less that $5 and I'm linking up to (yippee!!) A Bowl Full of Lemons! Love her!!

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  1. Did I make it into the friends/neighbors category?!! :-)


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