Friday, February 11, 2011

Fun with Pictures

Andrew decided he was going to be in charge of pictures today. He pointed to my camera on the kitchen table, but I didn't understand what he wanted exactly. So, he reached with all his might and brought it to me. I asked him what he wanted me to do and he pointed to his toys. So, we had some fun with taking pictures of all sorts of things today :) He even wanted to see the toy on the camera after I pushed the button. I think I may have to put my camera in a higher place now since it seems like he knows how it works!

A mommy horse and her baby. Andrew set them up like this and then pointed to them. They are very cute, aren't they? :)

A nifty airplane found at the awesome Dollar Spot a Target. He pushed the button and then told me to take the picture. It makes "take off" noise and a little red light blinks. I must have missed the light, oh well.

How cute is he?!

Seriously. He is the cutest. He's watching "Dino Dan" in case you are wondering. When that show comes on, everything else doesn't matter. He's gotta see the dinosaurs. It's like for 5 year olds, but he LOVES it. He is 1. It's for older kids. It teaches kids how to use scientific methods to solve problems and using evidence (all with the help of dinosaurs. He doesn't even talk all that much just yet. He is 1, people. And this is probably his favorite show or at least tied with Thomas the Tank Engine. WOW. He amazes me.

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