Monday, February 7, 2011

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, people! The Packers are the Champions!!! WHOOO HOOO!!

It was a BIG weekend at the House. Jason's parent came for the weekend's festivities. Our friends came over. We had fantastic food. And, we had an AWESOME time! One of the best weekends ever!!

Ready for the weekend's extravaganza? OK! Oh, remember, you can click on each picture to make it larger.

 Getting ready with the decorations! 
1st Column -  Balloons. Started in the living room, but went out on the mail box before everyone arrived :) Napkins and plates were found by Rachel the Fabulous and cups from Hobby Lobby. Fun!
2nd Column - Fun game for everyone (idea from Rachel! Love her!) "Make Ur Pick!" Everyone was to pick the winner and the score. The closet one got the prize in the nifty "Referee Gift Bag" (which included paper like his penalty flag! HA! Not my idea - from the Today Show last week). You will see the winner in a bit!
3rd Column - Gotta Have the Packer Banner on the door! WHOO HOO!

Some of the goodies made by me. Lambeau Field Cake! Woot! Butter cake with vanilla icing complete with marzipan signage and a tasty field. I was really worried this was not going to make it out of the pan in one piece, but it did! SCORE! Rice Krispie Treat Footballs! Football mints from Hobby Lobby. And, Jello Helmets in Lemon and Lime! YUM! These were very evil in the beginning, so this project went to Sarah when she told me about Knox Jello... I can make a stadium cake...but not jello. LOL!

Our friends brought some amazing food, too! Rachel made the most amazing peanut butter football cookies. It was like a Reece's party in your mouth - they were that good! She also brought cheese, crackers and fruit. Which by the end of the night we were all in need of something other than dessert! LOL!

Caroline made some great potato salad and awesome chocolate chip cookies!! They were super moist and due to her little guy's allergies, were made without eggs, milk or butter. They were sooooo good! 

Jason grilled hot dogs and brats for everyone. I would have gotten pics of those, but they were gone before I got the chance! They were delicious! What a party!!

Our party peeps! Let's see...clockwise starting at top left? Ok. Andrew with his party beads that he somehow got from everyone by the end of the night. Zach, Grace & Andrew eating up the chips. Z and G's parents, John and Rachel. Miss Grace. Andrew and Zach playing trains. Jasper chillin' out during half-time. Jasper's parents, Jeremy and Caroline. Great friends!

And the winner of the "Make Ur Pick!" is....
Sarah!! She guessed the Packers would win with a score of 31 to 24. 
Final actual score: 

PACKERS WIN 31 to 25

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  1. Hi Heather. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad you like the S.H.E system. I am going to do some more posts about it today.
    Sam (An Organised Mum)


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