Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Goes In Your Tummy, Sir...

Mr. Andrew has decided to become Mr. Pickypants lately. Is this another fun part of that becoming a 2 year old stage? I'm not saying Terrible Two's...he's not terrible. But, it would be much appreciated if he would be my awesome eater again. We asked him to just eat one green bean. Just one. One yummy, very crunchy green bean (frozen ones or fresh ones are better than canned...thus the crunch). And, he pretends to eat it. Smiles a sneaky smile. And...drops it back onto his plate.

Um, no. That was not eating a green bean.

I told him that it goes in his tummy. Not on his plate. And what does Mr. Stinkerpants do? He lifts his shirt to stick it in his belly button. 

Hahahaha!! Jason and I lost the green bean war from there. We were laughing so hard!! Finally, I tried again and said, "Andrew, you eat the green bean. That's how it gets to your tummy." He just looked at us and started laughing.

I guess we will try the green beans again another night. I love my little stinker :D

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