Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini Trip - Day 2

Our second day was filled with pools, parks, and playing with the phone in our room and watching some tv :)

Getting ready to head out to the pool. Not sure what that face is that Alex is making! LOL

The best chubby cheeks!

Alex got cold, but we made up for it by snuggling in the sunshine :)

Completely wiped out by the pool. He fell asleep in his wet clothes while holding onto his hat! Funny guy!

I'm really sad that the pics of Andy I took didn't turn out. They were all blurry! UGH!! LAME!! But there are tons of just Andy pics, too, so it's ok :)

Swing, swing, swing on a summer day!! :D Andy's favorite thing to do outside! 

 Calling China...

Ah, tv - a wonderful distraction while I hide phone. LOL- Isn't he a little man watching his show?

Ok, more pictures coming up! 

Click HERE if you missed Day 1 :)

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