Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beyond Belief - My Apologies

Note: I am very upset of the poor portrayal of Catholics (and others that believe in Mary similar to us) on ABC's Primetime Nightline Beyond Belief episode. The show did have a few good and well-known stories, at least. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone in any way. However, I feel that when my faith is made out to be a joke, then something(s) do need to be said.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about ABC's Primetime Nightline Special on the Blessed Virgin Mary. Well, never again will ANYTHING be posted about ABC by me! There are a few things that I would like to point out.

Their first story was about the visitation at Caritas of Birmingham. I ran at the commercial break to see where this place was as I have never heard of it (and apparently is quite close to us). No story of it or anything. NOTHING. But I did find out 2 interesting facts about Caritas:

1) The Diocese of Birmingham has warned its members to STAY AWAY and THEY DO NOT SUPPORT Caritas. Mother Angelica of EWTN also warns to keep away.

2.) A Bigger Issue: There is NO ecclesiastical evidence!! Mass has even been forbidden to be celebrated there.

Despite that upset, there were some wonderful stories of inspiration and miracles that were sprinkled in here and there. But, it was ruined it by making us Catholics (and other believers in Mary) out to be completely crazy. That is how I felt after watching this show. I was so very excited that something was airing about Mary. I will only say this about Bill Weir - how he got a career in journalism is beyond me. I was embarrassed for him as he asked one woman towards the end of the show if Mary tells jokes when she appears to her. Really, Bill? MARY IS THE MOTHER OF GOD. I am pretty sure she has much more important things on her plate than becoming the next host of SNL.

Finally, a few words on Mary: Please go here for a simpler version of the Catholic teachings of Mary. We do NOT worship her. I have heard that just one too many times and that seriously needs to be corrected. We pray to her. We hold her in high respects because she is the Mother of God. And, we do believe in the Holy Immaculate Conception. Yes, she was born without sin because God made it so. Those that really are against that belief... I'm sorry, I thought that God can do anything. If He wants to have His Son's mother be absolutely perfect in every way, then that's how it was to be. Ugh, I really dislike getting into these religious discussions, but when you attack my faith then it becomes necessary.


  1. Heather, I'm glad I didn't watch it then. There has been such an attack of the Catholic Church and Our Blessed Mother for years!! We as Catholics, need to defend Our Faith and I am doing my best to deepen my understanding of it so I can teach it to my son and defend it when necessary. I've blogged recently about the blasphemies against Our Lady as "art" or "entertainment" as well as against Jesus.
    I hadn't heard of Caritas either but I may just google it to learn more.

  2. Heather, I blogged again today about another abomination against Our Blessed Mother. There is theater production portraying Mary as a lesbian that plans to be up and running by early December. I protested that one too and it seems as if this play has been around for years. Unbelievable.


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