Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mini Trip - Day 1

We headed out to Villa Rica, just outside of Atlanta, this past weekend for a mini trip to visit his parents. Andy and Alex played and played with their grandparents while Jason and I did a lot of thing together without the kids which was fantastic! It was nice to just be us two again for a bit :) I took about a million pictures, too. HA!

 Heading out with a car packed so strategically that I felt as if one thing moved out of place, the car would burst! LOL

Mr Alex enjoying the sky and his hands :)

Uh-oh... WALL-E is over. We are almost there, sir.

Well, he may have calmed down, but he is very upset with me not starting the movie over...

When we got there, our angry little men were fed and then went down for naps. Yep, no one wanted to sleep on the way... Anyway, Jason, his dad, and I went around the place we were staying at, Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Plantation, to check out what all there was to do and see. They had a nice lake where could rent boats and a super busy "beach" (I'm a Floridian at heart...if it is not a gulf or ocean, it's not a beach). We found the golf course, too. There were doing some maintenance to the greens, but we still decided to play. Especially since I was going to tear up the course trying to hit the ball play. LOL. Jason and Mark both said that I actually didn't do all that bad for my first time in a long time playing. I took lessons when I lived in Georgia, so I remembered some of the things. Then, I got Jason to go out with me teach me how to play when I first met him. So, I have played...I'm just horrible.

BUT, I DID BIRDIE A HOLE! (I don't even know if that is how you say that...I know that I shot one under on that hole...) So, maybe I am not that terrible! I really had fun playing with Jason! It was just like when we were dating again! We talked about playing golf together more often, too. Yay!

 My Super Hot Golfer :)

Good times, but it was a hot afternoon. Good thing we had a nice breeze. 
More pics to come...plenty more! :D

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