Thursday, July 14, 2011

How We Got Andy Ready to be a Big Brother

Welcome to Toddler Talk Thursday! This week it is all about bringing a new baby home with a toddler in the house. Luckily, I cam from a big family so I stole some ideas from my mom - thanks!! I am the oldest of 6 kids (and the ONLY girl!) and the youngest is starting 4th grade this coming year. Crazzyyy!! Anyhoo! Here's what Jason and I did to help Andy get ready to meet Alex!

Books, books, books! Lots of great picture books about being a big brother! Picture books about babies and what they do. Even my parenting magazines that had pictures of babies, I would show him. He'd kiss them all, too!!

Quiet time: We started having little bits of time in the mornings and afternoons during snack time to learn how to play quietly. This would typically be a mini nap for Alex. Andrew still plays at the kitchen table with his puzzles while eating Cheerios.

Helper Rewards: We really made a big deal whenever Andy helped get the baby toys out and cleaned up before Alex got here. We had him help put the new clothes away - which were mostly his. He even recognized some of them! He would pick up an item and say, "Me." I would always tell him how nice he was to share his baby clothes with his new brother. He smiled big at that! He always got stickers for helping out with anything having to do with Alex.

A fun thing for Andy was whenever we went to the store to get something we needed for Alex (before he arrived), I had him pick something out for his baby brother. He knew that item was for the baby and that he picked it out special for him.

Andy is a superstar big brother! Now, as the months go by, I see them becoming friends each day. Alex laughs at his brothers silly faces and Andy is so happy to see his little brother smile :)


  1. Heather, you are a wonderful mom who has prepared Andy so well for the big changes that a little baby will bring!

  2. I love all you did to prepare! What a great mom you are! Oldest of 6 rest boys! I bet you know what makes boys tick like the back of your hand!


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