Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cereal Time

Alex has reached his time to start eating cereal. We are actually almost done with the rice cereal so it's almost time to go to the oatmeal. He is sooo messy. He has started teething, too... Alex is a Mr. Messy McDroolypants! He MUST wear a bib at all times, otherwise he goes through a shirt/outfit every hour!

It is fun and Andy like to try helping out with feeding his brother. He even tried the cereal... I told him he would not like it... Nope, he had to do it.

Yes, I had to ask him to make the face again so I could get a picture. It was too funny! I said it was for babies... Now when he sees me feeding Alex, he says, "Ew mama. baby." Yep, I told you, honey :)

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