Saturday, July 9, 2011

Playing Outside

A whole crazy hour of playtime outside after dinner, led to digging for rock, bubbles, and stinkbugs!

1. "Mama! Rock!"
2. Inspecting his find. 
3. Blowing bubbles! I really wish I got a picture of the bubble he blew. It was great!
4. Try again for, Mama!
5. "Mama! Bub-bub!"
6. He is trying to catch them, but he look more like a wizard :) Harry Potter fan, can you tell?
7. Searching for more rocks. 
8. Trying to dig a big one out, I think. 
9. Trying to catch a stinkbug. Lovely. 
10. Andy got really close to him and said, "Ew."
11. More excavating.
12. He wants me to come and help. 
13. The end of the day = bathtime for a very dirty little boy. He is running away from me LOL

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