Friday, July 1, 2011

Zoo Day!

Uncle Justin came for a visit and we had to take him to the Zoo to show him his nephews favorite animals :) Ok, just Andrew's favorite LOL :) Alex was sorta sleeping here and there and it got really hot and we got hungry so the lions will have to wait til next time! Right now, we have 3 of the 5 elephants at the Zoo. And the interesting thing about this herd is that they are all males. Our Zoo is the only one in the country to have an all male herd. Why? I still don't quite get it.

The Zoo has this written about the new Trails of Africa:

The Birmingham Zoo is uniquely poised to blaze new trails in the history of elephant conservation. The forces of expertise and opportunity are aligned perfectly for the advancement of elephant conservation. This new exhibit, “Trails of Africa,” designates the Birmingham Zoo as a national leader in the care and conservation of threatened elephants. The Zoo is embarking on a bold new initiative, one that is intended to set new benchmarks for the care and breeding of elephants in the United States.

I'm pretty sure you need a female elephant to help out with the breeding part, but I suppose I could be mistaken. LOL. Anyhoo, to the pictures!!

 Andrew with Uncle Justin on the Zoo Train

Alex and me! Alex really like the train. He sat up so well and was looking around at the things we passed. Such a cutie!:)

 Justin showing Andrew where Bulwagi (the biggest one @ 5,000+ pounds!!) is standing :)

Sad side note: Don't let his "smile" fool you. He is not happy... Remember Dumbo...when his mommy was sad and she rocked from side to side...? That's what this guy was doing... I want to free him! But, I guess we don't need an elephant wandering the streets of Birmingham... Justin and I both felt bad for this guy :( 

But, on a happier note, Andrew watched this one (he's the smallest) for like 10 minutes. He snapped those branches with his foot, tusks, anything he could use... It was really cool to watch. That truck is pretty amazing!

Alex liked the Zoo, too :) But, it was pretty hot out and he was getting hungry. So we headed to Chappy's for a yummy lunch (Thanks again, Justin!).


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