Friday, January 6, 2012

There's a hole in the universe, I just know it...

So, Wednesday was crazy...

Around 2pm, I'm getting the boys settled down for their nap and I hear a crash. I figured it was Andrew being silly when he should be in bed. I hadn't even left the room yet. Well, he's right next to me saying "night-night" to Alex. Weird. What was that noise?

I go look in the office thinking something in my black hole of a closet crashed down. Nope. All is well.

Or is it...?

I go back in the boys room to give them a hug and - hmm, I thought that I turned that humidifer on already.

Oh, it is on...but not...

The power is completely out. 

I am texting one of our neighbors after leaving the boys for their nap, and her house is fine. Ugh...those guys out there messed up something... See, we have no cable in our neighborhood. We are a brand new neighborhood, so everyone here has satellite pretty much. The HOA finally decided that we needed it so that is why I said "those guys." They are digging to add the cable to each house... Awesome, right? Not. I don't know anyone who is switching to cable...

Anyway, I look out the window again trying to figure out what that crash was. Oh, I found out...this is what I see outside of the office window:

 Can you see that? Let's take a closer look...

 Um, yeah, that is the meter from MY house that flew off and hit my neighbor's house... 

Naptime is supposed to the be time when moms recharge their batteries. These guys apprently do not know this. LOL So I head on out to talk to them. 

Before I could even say a word (other than "hi")... They knew exactly what I was coming out for. Yep, boys, my power is gone. Dead. Done. And, I'm not positive, but I think my meter is now in my neighbors yard. Too funny. 

Apparently, what happened was their machine that digs the ditch (I'm still not entirely sure) grabbed my lines and tore them from the house. Wowza. They were all extremely nice and said that everything possible would be done to take care of the power and any damage.

Well, 4pm rolls around and no power still. Alabama Power still has not shown up. And, I get a dang splinter in my thumb from a railroad track while playing Thomas the Tank Engine with Andrew. Ugh...what else!?

A few knocks on the door later and I'm getting questions about if I can smell smoke in the house and if I knew there was a wildfire on the hill a few streets away. Seriously? This is why I just know there is a hole in the universe. I look at where they are pointing. Yup. There's a fire blazing a you can see the water from a few firetrucks shooting at it. Awesome. 

Jason gets home and talks to the guys (since we still have no power and Alabama Power finally shows up. They are putting us up at a hotel for the night since it is cold and we have the little ones and STILL NO POWER. That was very nice of them to do that. We are told on the way out that the power should be back on around midnight at the earliest. So we pack up some things and head out for dinner and a PJ party :)
Thrilled to be in a GIANT bed with 5000 pillows! He stayed up until about 930, I think...and had school the next day lol

 This little dude, on the other hand, couldn't make it quite that long. He was OUT at 8-something.

Jason said I was a dork for taking this pic...maybe so, but this is genius :)

The morning comes around and we have a message saying our power is back! YAY! So happy that all is good again :) At least until I get home after dropping Andrew off to check everything. Our living room TV - dead... The garage door opener - dead... And, worst of all (lol) MY WII IS DEAD!!

NOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT THE WII!!! I have to do my Zumba!! I have lost 3 pounds this week, people. I have got to get my Zumba on! 


I go tell the guys (they all said good morning and made sure that things were fine and what not - so nice!)...they bring out their electrician guy and yup...all dead. 

It's ok...I am out of a tv and a wii and have to park in my driveway for now, but they did say that by tonight everything should be replaced (or handled as such so that all will be replaced - due to the garage a certain date). 

See? A hole in the universe. It is not good when the Wii dies. lol. I know, I will get over it in a bit (when I have my new one and I'm 1/2 dead with my attempt at Latin dancing). 
But, out of all of this chaos, I must say that those guys out there are the most amazing, most polite, and most caring construction workers I have ever heard of. One or another came to check on me and the boys almost every hour until Jason got home Wednesday to make sure that everything was alright. They set us up for a hotel and dinner. They are replacing all the things that were damaged. I'm just amazed that these guys truly know the meaning of customer service. Thank you! I am glad someone still does!

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