Thursday, January 26, 2012

Puzzles Time

Over Christmas, Andrew got this awesome puzzle from his friends, Zach and Grace. He loves this! He is so awesome at his letters, too. He knows all of them, just not in any particular order just yet. Hopefully, this train puzzle and repeating the ABC's over and over again on the way to school (or some outing) will help with that.

Preschool update: I haven't given any update in a while...but Andrew is doing so great in school. Both his teachers tell me that he is a wonderful helper and he is amazing with the flash cards. He knows all his colors, letters, shapes, and most of the numbers 1-10. On the shapes, he isn't too good with saying the words, but he cant point out and try his best as saying which one is the octagon or the rectangle (those do seem like tough words for an almost 2.5 year old!). He loves to sing the "Clean Up" song at home (but still does not like to clean up when it is time for nap...go figure lol) and he loves singing "Jesus Loves Me Know Know." LOL! How cute! That is what he told me the song was. I asked if he meant, "Jesus loves me this I know" and he said, "Oh. Ok, mama."

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