Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fabulous Weekend Project - Day 1

Whew! We are almost finished with the mantle/fireplace makeover! The 2nd coat of paint is drying right now. So I have a bit of time to share some pictures with you.

Friday night until...I have no idea. It was really late... We worked on measurements and the layout of where everything was going to be placed. We were worried that this "weekend project" was going to turn out to be much longer than that. But not at all! We are so happy with how it is coming along!

Here is the icky before. See those nasty wires??? Ew. So messing up the feel of the living room. But soon they will be gone!! Remember, you can enlarge the pictures just by clicking on them :)

Saturday morning we headed out to Lowe's - my new favorite store! Andrew's, too. He kept asking to go to Lowe's...too funny. We got all of the molding that was needed, LOTS of nails, caulk, wood putty, and a few other things. We spent $214 on Saturday's supplies. We had lunch and since we have our 2 little guys, we played with them until naptime. And yes! They must have been tired! They slept a full 3 hrs! Awesome work time for us. So, here we go:

Obnoxious wire mess

Lots of sawing...I really want a table saw. Jason says no.  

The first pieces cut and ready for nailing. And, the last time we see Mr. 55 until the project is complete. 

Lots of leveling and double checking

Check out that little miter job :) Jason wanted to add that in so there would be less bending on the wires. He bought some crazy awesome wires for the Wii and HD stuff going on. He sort of attached to them. Lol, I kid (only a little)

So at this point, naptime is over and the little guys are ready to come out. Only...there are things ALL over the floor in the living room. Lucky for us they were ready for a snack and some games at the table. 

Andrew saw what we had done and was like, "whoa!" And then added, "Lowe's?" So silly! The colored and had some juice and goldfish while we finished the rest of the base molding. AND while I was also getting dinner going. Lots of multitasking going on at this house!

We took a break during dinner and played with those cuties for another hour until it was bedtime. Once they were down, the clock was ticking away. We really wanted to get to the point were we would just need to sand and paint on Sunday. And, we did it! Here are the rest of the pics:

 Getting the last of the base pieces up

 Time for me to caulk it like it's hot. LOL I know, lame. But it was late and we had the music going. It's amazing that the boys slept wonderfully WITHOUT their humidifier buffering any noise. 

 All the base molding is up!

Now time for the sneaky wire trick! 


Sneaky wires!

 Finally! At 11:47 pm, we had everything nailed up, caulked, and puttied to be ready for tomorrow. Sweet :)


  1. Wow. I already love it!! And I love your curtains! Can't wait to see final pictures!!

    1. Woot! Thanks, girlie! This is that post on those curtains :) Gotta love the Target clearance and Pinterest combo!


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