Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post-Christmas Fun

A couple days after Christmas, we headed to Jason's parent's home for more after Christmas fun. I did get a few really good pictures, but, unfortunately, I left my camera charger at home and could only use my camera on my phone. Grrr...packing with 2 kids and a dog, eh, could've been worse, right? lol.

Cheerios - Check. Tusker - Check. Movie - DOUBLE CHECK! :) 

Our "hot dog" - just too funny to not share this.

Andy opening a present :)

Alex's turn to open a present :)

The Popcorn Boys

Andy and Grandpa Dave playing with their favorite toys - TRAINS!! :) 

Dave, by the way, is AWESOME! He is always the one behind the camera and you rarely see him in any pictures. BUT!! I got him in a movie!! Hope you love it, Dave!

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  1. 'Hot dog' made me chuckle. Bless you - have a great 2012.


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