Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Goals 2012

There is going to be a whole lot of updating and a mess of DIY going on at the House this year!

There have been many things that I have wanted to change about our home, but we could never decide how long we want to stay in this house. We know we do NOT like the schools we are zoned for currently and we LOVE another system further down the road. And we are even thinking of Catholic school... So, we have some more thinking to do about that. But in the meantime, we want to give our house an update to make it more ours and less "house-in-a-box" (like bed-in-a-bag...but ya know...).

You know that I have been working on the kitchen this month (organizing, decorating, etc). But then we had a crazy incident happen last week that set back a part of the kitchen makeover (my backsplash will have to wait...again).

It's all good. This is what I have left for this month (go here to see links):

1. Clean glass between oven door
2. DIY dishwasher tune-up
3. Add Velcro to kitchen towels
4. Make a casserole carrier
5. Homemade sugar scrubs
6. Rug for under kitchen table
7. Paint touch-up

Now for the fun part - GOALS FOR OUR HOME!


Living Room:
1. Media storage
2. Updated gallery wall (hallway) with DIY photo canvases

Master Bed/Bath:
1. Framed bathroom mirror
2. Better storage
3. DIY headboard
4. Bedframe

Boys' Room:
1. Wall art on Andrew's side
2. Toddler bed for Alex (this will be sometime next Fall - wow!)
3. Book sling & reading area
4. DIY curtains (the ones we currently have are fine, but the two monkeys who live there are a little wild with them...)

1. Window treatment
2. Lamp

Hall Bathroom:
1. Framed mirror

Linen Closet (formerly the hall closet):
1. Add shelving to closet for towels and bedding (there is a sad hanging shelf in there now that doesn't do anything except annoy me)

Front Yard:
1. Planters by front door
2. Brick/stone bordered beds
3. Touch-up mailbox and fix the flag


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  1. Hi found you at the nester's-good luck with your goals too!I'm your newest follower- Stop on by to visit!!

  2. YAY! Thanks! I hope most of these happen :)


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