Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Living Room Adventures

To read about the crazy beginning to this adventure, click here and here.

Everyone say, "Ooooh! Ahhhh!"

That's right, I'm watching HGTV. Jason calls that my "no-no" channel. I apparently get too many amazing ideas from it. Na-uh. If only I could get Genevieve to come over and help us out. Oh, and then we can have Ahmed from Yard Crashers... and David Bromstad, please...and maybe some others - Oh, getting off track here.

Our tv is up and really not as big as I felt it was when it was just sitting over there on that media cabinet/stand. Maybe because it was blocking my window.

No worries! We do have track molding to hide those nasty cords and such.

I do want to point out a few things that my hubby and I did not know and I'm wondering how many others out there were confused as well:

1. If you do not have an outlet or coax  ALREADY installed above a WORKING fireplace, then you CANNOT have them installed due to a fire wall.

2. If you are building a house and would like the option, get those things installed in the pre-construction stages. Meaning, BEFORE the drywall and firewall go up.

3. There are about a MILLION pictures on Pinterest, magazines, tv, everywhere that show these tvs above the fireplace and NOT a single electronic box or wire in sight (not even track molding!) do they do that????

  • See number 2
    • Have Harmony installed in your home. I still dont get how it works. But basically, you can have all those things (cable box, game system, dvd player, etc) all set up on the opposite side of your room (or in a completely different room!!!) and still be able to control it due to radio frequency. How awesome?! It's all very magical to me. 
  • If you aren't building a house anytime soon, well, you are like us. Getcha some track molding to hide the wires and paint it the color of your wall. Ours will be going along the seam of the fireplace and wall. 
Now I have told you how the magic works, I gotta get to waving my wand here.

By the way, if you have used Geek Squad before...aren't they AWESOME?! If not, you totally should for your next Best Buy purchase. Love them!

Disclosure: I just loved the customer service of Geek Squad and wanted to share :)

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