Sunday, January 1, 2012

January is Kitchen/Dining Month :)

Maybe I should have put "procrastinate more" on the top of my list. Then, I would feel a bit more accomplished. Lol, it is almost the 3rd... Time for life to get back to normal, right? Preschool starts up again and Jason heads back to work. So, yep, I do believe it is time. :)

I am appointing January as "Kitchen/Dining Month." That is actually what I was doing today and part of yesterday. Clearing out everything that doesn't go in the kitchen, isn't needed anymore, or isn't needed right now (i.e. all the Christmas stuff pretty much). It is sad really. The tops of my kitchen cabinets are bare now. I want to put some things up there!

I also worked a bit on our kitchen command center. I had it in a cabinet over there and a cabinet over here. I have had stuff on the counter, the fridge and a set of dry erase boards on a skinny wall. It is madness. Now, it has a home! On the back of my pantry double doors. It is wonderful. But, not finished. I will share soon. :)

I also am working on my cleaning routine. I am using the one that Becky @ Clean Mama has put out many times before and it is always awesome. She had a January Cleaning/Organizing challenge going on this month. Go see!

I have a few other things that I need/want to get done with the kitchen:

Add a backsplash
Fix my stupid light over the kitchen table. Seriously. It is stupid.
Fix the pantry light... I know...I may have to call someone...
Organize all my recipes that I have printed/clipped/etc
Get a larger crock pot

Anyhoo! That is January! What do you have going on this month?

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