Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Living Room Adventures

I just noticed that I call the big things at the House an "adventure" lol

Well, it is an adventure, I guess. We have the Shared Bedroom Adventures (which sooo needs to be updated due to a certain 2 year old...ha).

Now we have the Living Room Adventures. Only that started in a very unplanned way and wasn't exactly supposed to happen until next month. Oh, well. At least Darth Vader has FINALLY left the living room.

And in it's place - oh the gorgeousness of it all!!

LOVE IT! A beautiful Dark Tobacco finish with brushed nickle knobs! A perfect match to the coffee/end tables that are in the living room. It will be going under the left window by the fireplace. :D LOVE!! And where do you think it is from?

Target! Shocker, I know. It is part of the fabulous Avington collection. I think the trunk is next on the list. lol

Jason and I worked on this beauty during naptime. I love doing projects with him! Here are some more pics of the fun :)

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