Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dirty Baker

This challenge is great, but it really embarrasses me. LOL I get to show you how messy I really am. I hear the "you house always looks so nice" line from time to time, but no body really knows what lurks behind closed doors until something like this. So, Day 3 is coming to an end and the challenge was to organize a messy cabinet. Oh, you thought my junk cabinet was my only cabinet that was terrible. Bless you. Welcome to the cabinet of the Dirty Baker:

I know. I know. Out of all of my cabinets, you'd think this one would be in pristine condition. I love to bake all the time, but I hate the cleaning part and the putting stuff away part. And, this is what happens when I am "done" baking. Sad. So sad. And, yes! That is a football stadium cake pan!! Oh, you can't see it with all the madness? How about now?

OOOO. Ahhhhh! Clean and organized! That basket holds all of my cookie cutters for each season and some great cake toppers. You can't see it, but behind my best friend, Mixi (I'm lame, but I don't care. I like that I named my kitchen-aid. Don't hate. LOL!) is a large container that holds all of Mixi's accessories. She's happier now that her things have been put away nicely.

Are you wondering what Andy is doing during all of this? Wonder no more! After lunch we started working on some things for January. This week, we are learning about Winter Sports (click here for info on this month's lesson plans from Nick Jr) and he was very happy coloring a page about sledding. So, while he was happy in colorville, I was doing the organizing. Fun day :)

 What a cutiepants!!


  1. Your baby boy is such a cutie! I love that you name your kitchenaide! Hope Maxi loves her new surroundings!

  2. Thanks!! He's my little baker-in-training! :D


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