Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Simple Things

 Getting the eggs ready for the egg hunt!

Deviled Eggs - A Family Tradition (my side)

This week's simple thing: eggs! Plastic eggs, deviled eggs, colored eggs, Reese's Eggs. This list could go on much longer, I am sure. But something so simple as an egg can cause confusion to this time of the year.

It is Easter. We are celebrating the fact that Jesus is risen! And coloring eggs is how we do that? Makes perfect sense, right? Well, sadly, I never knew the reason for the Easter eggs until last year when I read the story behind these colorful items in The Third Testament and looked into a bit more.

Then, on Good Friday after Mass, Jason and I grabbed our copies of "The Little White Book." This is a great little publication that offers reflections on the Gospels for each day during the Easter season (50 days). And, the first story for Monday, April 9th:

"Mary Magdalen and the Red Egg"

Basically, after the Resurrection, Mary Magdalen traveled to Rome. While she was there, she was invited to attend a banquet being held for Tiberius Caesar. She found this to be the perfect opportunity to denounce Pontius Pilate for allowing Jesus to be crucified. She told Tiberius Caesar how Jesus rose from the dead and how He truly is LIVING. She held an egg in her hand to explain how new life breaks free from an egg just as Jesus did from the tomb. Obviously, Tiberius Caesar laughed at this saying that someone rising from the dead is as likely to happen as an egg to change color. And, what do you think happened next? An amazing miracle to prove that this did in fact happen. The egg changed color!

There you go! There is the reason behind our colorful eggs! How cool, right? Now, I cannot explain the Easter bunny thing...and I kind of think it's lame. If someone can tell me the reason for a giant bunny, please do tell :)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

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  1. love your photos Heather and your devilled eggs look delis! :) sharing your photo later today in my simple things roundup! :)


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