Friday, June 3, 2011

Arrrr Matey!!

Andrew decided that he was going to be a pirate yesterday. He had been playing with this Dragon Pirate playset all day and, Pirate Andy evolved. Love his imagination. However, he really wanted Landlubber Daddy to get in on the action...

Here's what the playset looks like - pretty cool, huh? My mom's friend got it for him after Alex was born :)

And, here is Pirate Andy:

The Captain walking the "deck" looking for the treasure. I think... in trouble with the Landlubber (it's a nice name...Jason plays golf...he's not a mermaid...that's me lol). He say that Daddy had the treasure (his wallet in that hand) and wacked him with the "sword." A definite no-no...

But, it's ok. The Captain gave him a kiss and made him a part of the crew :)

 They are now on to new adventures. 

Yelling something that no one understands...

 Oh, "GRUB'S READY!!!!!!"

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