Friday, June 17, 2011

Jello is NOT for Everyone Apparently

Well, we (Andrew and I) have been making yummy summer treats almost every day since Memorial Day weekend. He has loved everything. That is until we got to Jello...

Who doesn't like Jello? It's a solid, it's a liquid, it's a viscoelastic polymer made out of polypeptide chains but you eat it! I mean, it tastes good! HA! See this is what happens when you watch too many kid start quoting them. But, it's a good movie so whatever :)

Anyway, Andrew was not fond of the Jello. Boo. He did try it. Many times. And, he made many faces, too. He takes after his daddy in this tasting... Jello = Ick. NOOOOO!!! How can that be possible?? Jello rocks. 

Hehe, yep that jello castle is a pic from the movie, too :) 

But, see those faces he makes??? NOT a fan of Jello...


Maybe another year?

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