Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekly Challenge & Some Airplanes

Well, I figured it was about time to update y'all on me learning how to get out with two. Since the Target Meltdown I had in the parking lot, things have gone much better. I hope they can't get worse anyway...

This week, I headed to Hobby Lobby with the two cuties and an awesome friend - the ever-fabulous Rachel! :D One of the challenges is to head out to a fabric/craft store using the baby bjorn. Well, I've got that part covered. It's the remembering everything needed part that seems to be the challenge.

I have FINALLY figured out the boys' room. Andrew helped with what to do, too! I found this awesome room late one night after Alex's midnight snack. And, yes...we are totally doing a version of that! Yep, a room of blue, green, and brown filled with airplanes and things that go ZOOM! This is what I have worked on so far:
So a few changes for this to make:
1. The clock is going ABOVE the "zoom"
2.Mini chalkboard or cork board. If I get a chalkboard, then I'm going to write "arrival/departure" times on it (aka - wake/sleep times lol). Cork board? I will find some random maps or travel tickets to pin up there.
3. The airplane sign I painted has got to move over a bit, eh? The "zoom" is fine, but the airplane has got to help the balance a bit.

 And how cool is this rug? Ok, I got it at Target for $30. It is really similar to this one at Ikea that was actually used in the room I am sorta copying a bit. But does Ikea want my money? Apparently not... They really don't want to put anything on their website do they? So mean. Come on, Ikea. Be cool and let those who are not able to get into your store, buy your stuff online. What's the big deal? UGH! Whatever. I think this one is cute anyway. Andrew was pretty excited about it :)

The next things to come are my paper airplane decals! I just bought those from Tweet Heart Wall Art on Etsy
I can not wait to get them and put them up! They are going to love it.

Oh, and since Alex is now in his crib for the nights, he is going to be there soon for naptime. Well, he need something to look at when he wakes up. The ceiling is sorta boring. So, I'm either going to string paper airplane going across the room over each bed. Or, I'm going to hang up some globes. I'm not sure which one just yet. The globes sound like less work. But, I'll just let Andrew pick again.

Their room is going to be so cool!!

Where's the party? Head here to find out! 

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