Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Word Among Us

So, I found a great Catholic blog the other week and have become an active follower quite quickly. Holly, over at A Life-Size Catholic Blog, has a post party going on today that emphasizes some good things that we have come across that should be shared.

Well, two Sundays ago at Mass, they had these booklets out to pick up on your way out. It is called, "The Word Among Us" and it is basically a monthly publication that is filled with great articles on strengthening your Catholic faith and daily meditations. Since, picking this magazine up that morning, I have read the chosen Scriptures and have prayed every day. This is something that I have not done in a LONG time. I have even prayed the Rosary a few nights so far.

It had helped A LOT! And, honestly, (for those that don't personally know me), I have been under an unbelievable amount of stress since the week before Alex was born. So much, in fact, I am now taking medication to help me out. It's is so hard to be a mother, but I need to be the best I can be, right? Well, I am a definite believer in the power of prayer now. I really did not want to call the doc and ask for help. I am a first-born... You know...we think we know everything and we are crazy independent. Ha, not so much... Anyway, the point of that blurb just now was that there was an article about how to hear the Holy Spirit. Well, I prayed last week for help.... Suddenly, I found myself calling Rachel, and she really helped me to understand that it really is ok to get help and that I need to just do it already. Next thing I know, I am calling the doctor.

So, if you are looking for help to strengthen your Catholic faith or just want a good read, this magazine is great! I don't know if this is something they hand out every month at Mass, but I'm definitely going to get a subscription.


  1. Oh Heather, so glad that you called me. You ARE a fabulous Mommy, and asking for help just proves that you are HUMAN!!! :)
    Love you!!

  2. Boy, oh, boy, you don’t have to convince me prayer works. I have seen it in my own life time and time again. I write about “The Prayer for Vision” at the end of January, and how praying it had truly changed my life. I might have been joking around a bit in my post, but I wasn’t joking about the effect of praying that prayer. It was amazing!

    I’m so happy you’re feeling better, and thanks for sharing such a wonderful tool to strengthening our faith.

    Wishing you peace, courage and strength as you face each new day!

    God Bless

  3. Hi Heather, wonderful post! I am so glad that you asked for help, we have all been there! And wouldn't you know the Holy Spirit would work through your friend and also through whoever left that pile of magazines in your church...God often answers our prayers through people. I am trying out the 2 week free subscription, thanks SO much for the tip. God bless!

  4. I've used Word Among Us for many years-it's great! I recently subscribed to Magnificat which I like even better. We are blessed to have these great resources to help us keep up with the daily Mass readings!


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