Monday, June 6, 2011

Sprinkler Time!

Yesterday after dinner, Jason set up the sprinkler so the yard would get a lovely soak overnight. This heat has been a lot on our yard! And, I do not appreciate the weather girl pointing out that the high of 98 today is "horribly hot." But, I wont trade it for anything. I love the South! Anyway! I was on the sofa "talking" to Alex and suddenly I was called to come outside quickly. And!! My awesome hubby took all of these pictures for me to share. Isn't he great!?

Checking this whole idea out 

Figuring out how to get around it without getting sprayed.

I wish there was a video - he was laughing the entire time!

Running down the mini hill as fast as his little legs can take him LOL!

This is my favorite picture! 

A very happy guy!

Trying to get his Daddy!

So much fun! What a great way to end the evening :)

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