Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It was another stormy day. So, of course that meant lots of playtime. This time Alex even joined in on the fun! Andrew handed him cars, trucks, duplos, everything he thought that Alex might like to play with. However, Alex was only allowed to hang on to it for a second before Andrew decided that he wanted to keep that toy after all. LOL!

Alex didn't mind though. He enjoyed watching his big brother build tower after tower. And he laughed a little bit when Andrew would break up the tower and make the legos crash into each other. Too cute :)

After a while though, Alex did get tired of sitting in the bumbo seat. He was in it for like 20 minutes today! He's loving it more and more! Anyhoo, he had to have a change of clothes and then he wanted to play on his little play mat.

I just love all the smiles that he gives me! They are the best! Ok, except for Andrew's...they are the best, too!! :D

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