Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthdays Should Be a National Holiday

I love my birthday! But, you know, after you hit's just another day but with an extra special dinner or something. But this year, 26 was pretty nice! My mom came up to celebrate with me! We went SHOPPING!

Shopping like crazy! I had 2 awesome gift cards from my MIL, and I definitely went over both of them LOL! Mom got me some awesome shoes and a "party dress!" See?

Yeah, I'm gonna say it - cuz this is my birthday week - I look pretty good for having 2 babies! LOL However, I've been working out like a crazy person training for some sort of competition...

Anyhoo, as my mom says...time to put the tiara away and get back to real life of doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and enjoying being a mommy! It was great having her here!! She even took care of the kids while Jason and I headed out to the Fish Market for a delicious birthday dinner - complete with a yummy Cosmopolitan and chocolate pie! And, of course...I had my snow crab legs! It's my own birthday tradition :) Maybe I'll tell you the story one day. It is a good one.

Mom, you are awesome! Thanks for coming! Love you bunches! You are one awesome Grandma!

LOL Typical kid pic :) Alex is smiling, but I think it is a coincidence since he's looking away. And Andrew is checking out what Tango is doing (that fluffy thing in the lower left corner...that is Tango the Poodle!). They were getting ready for bed...the reason for the binkies. 


And...time to fold the clothes. Haha.

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  1. HOORAY for date nights!!! Your mama rocks!!
    And yes, you look FABULOUSO to have just popped out another baby!!!


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