Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Reading

Andrew loves books! And, Alex is learning to love books. I signed Andrew up for the Summer Reading Program at our library and we are doing the Summer Reading Challenge via PBS Kids. I have a basket full of books that I change out every month or so in our living room. We have read probably every book of theirs a thousand times. That probably isn't even an exaggeration. LOL. Ok, fine...but it is a lot. I know most of the books by heart. So, if there is fussing in the car, I just start "reading" Andrew's favorite book.

When Andrew is having snack time, that is usually when Alex will have tummy time. He won't get run over that way... You think I'm joking? Andrew's favorite new character is the Road Runner. He runs through the house saying, "Beep Beep!" just like him, too. He's cute, but, oh, he's a mess! Ok, so Alex is doing tummy time and I prop up some toy for him or whatever to get him to look up and strengthen that little neck of his:

Then afterwards, Andrew gets down from the kitchen table and Alex is with me while I get his "snack" ready. I come back into the living room and this is what Andrew is doing:

HAHA! He is sooo silly :) Now, when I cant read him a book, that is what he does to red by himself.

Oh, and then the other day, I was watching KLG and Hoda, while Alex was chilling out in his little seat. And, Andrew decided that he was going to teach Alex about trains.

This is why I keep my camera in my hand ALL day. I love cute little moments like these!

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