Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Shared Bedroom Adventures


It was a great night!! Andrew was in bed at 8pm and Alex a little later. Andrew was still sorta awake, but he was a good boy and stayed in bed. I checked about 40 times, too, before I got into bed myself.

Alex woke up about 12:30am for his midnight snack. But, he drifted off backed to sleep. I was a bit worried about how to get him back to sleep and back into bed... I'm not rocking him to sleep. I did that with Andrew and it took 4 long, horrible nights to break him of that habit... However, I was nursing him, so maybe that's why it was different. But, Alex...he's definitely different. I swaddled him and laid him on the sofa next to me while I caught a re-run of "Friends" (they really are there for you! lol. Ok, I know that was lame. So?). After about 20 minutes, I called it a night and quietly put him back in his new room.

Score! He slept til 5:30! YAY!!

AND! He didn't wake up Andrew. Not even a tiny bit!

So, thank you to anyone and everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Please keep it going! I definitely will be praying the Rosary tonight :)

Now, if I could just get nap time situated. I know, I steps.

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  1. Good job MAMA! I still have my little man in the bassinet next to me at night.

    Thanks for the wonderful comment you left me. It was really encouraging to me. :)

    Hope your Thursday is going GREAT!



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