Friday, September 2, 2011

Another AWESOME Morning at the Zoo!

Oh, my gosh! I love love love our Zoo! Best Zoo Ever. Seriously. Love it!!

We went to the Zoo this morning for the Royal Weekend:

Those lion cubs were SOOOO cute!! There are 5, but the last boy does not have a name yet. They are holding a contest this weekend for his name. I had no idea what to name a lion, so I asked Andy. He said something that sounded like "Kadji" and I said, "Wow. Ok." Pretty cool. He may have been saying kitty? I don't know. Anyway, that's his vote and it is in the box! Guess we will see what happens. But, I did look up "Kadji" to see if it ended up being anything cool. Well, what do you know? It is actually a sports academy in Cameroon - in AFRICA! Hello! He should totally win. Just saying.

After the lions, we headed over to the elephants, of course! Bulwagi was out in the Boma Yard and had just finished eating. We were the only ones hanging out by him other than the zookeepers. We were waving and saying hi to the big guy. I just love him! And, guess what?! The coolest thing ever! I got to feed Bulwagi an apple! YAY! I was so very excited!! Andy thought it was funny to see me throw an apple to him. Then to watch him pick it up with his trunk - that made him say, "Wow!" I get to cross that off my bucket list - feed an elephant!

Andy decided it was time to see the monkeys (though, I could just watch Bulwagi all day). We would have gone in the primate building, but I have this really lame fear of peacocks. Sure they are pretty, but they just freak me out...

Finally, we ended out morning at the zoo with a train ride. You can't pass up the train. Especially when NO ONE is in line! :)

Good times! And, since it was so dang hot out (but only 10:30 AM!) and Andy didn't get upset because we were leaving, we went to TCBY and got ice cream (ok frozen yogurt...still).

YUM! M&M's on top, too! His favorite! :)

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