Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Going on a Trip

During our days of being sick last week, we had to come up with MANY ideas to keep certain people entertained. Andrew found my stash of boxes waiting to be taken to the recycling drop-off and was very excited. So, we grabbed one he wanted and it turned into an amazing adventure!

Convo with my little traveler:

Me: What are we going to make?
A: Zoom!
Me: Fun! Where are you going?
A: Chip (aka "trip")
Me: Where?
A: Bees (aka "beach")
Me: I love the beach! Can I come, too?
A: No. Tusk go. 
Me: Ok... (with a sad face)
A: Mama pack pack? (aka backpack)
Me: Oh! Yes, you need your bag! Let's go pack for your trip.

He filled his bag with his cup, Tusker, and a few books about airplanes. He's so cute! Still...I wish I could have gone to the beach instead of being home sick...

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