Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Mantle!

I am addicted to Pinterest and have been trying to find some inspiration for my fall mantle. Well, here was the winner!

And, here is my mantle! YAY!

Love it!! And,  I had most of the things already. The pears are from my kitchen. So, I just had to get a garland and an apple. See? Here is my mantle before - a bit Pottery Barn-esque :)

Have you started your Fall Nesting?

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Fall is my absolute favorite! unfortunately I never decorate the INSIDE of our house..kind of a clutter freak HOWEVER working on a new Fall Wreath this week!

    Great job

  2. Cute. I am getting excited for Fall too!

  3. The leaves and the apple warm it up a lot. The colors are just gorgeous. I have yet to investigate what pininterest is all about. Perhaps I should!

  4. ooo Pinterest is awesome!! Let me know if you need an invite :) It's like Google Images, but you can save your ideas/pics by categories and such. It is very addicting though LOL


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