Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Work in Progress - Boys' Room

If you have been keeping up, the boys' room has been an ongoing thing. This week, I got two things crossed off the list - yay! And even added an extra item to the room :)

Our list so far:

  1. Get bedding
  2. Set up big boy bed for Andy
  3. Get play rug
  4. Art work for over changing area
  5. Plane decals/wall art
  6. Growth chart
  7. World map or map of USA 
  8. Globes or planes hanging above beds
  9. Clock area for times around the world - have 1, want 3 more
  10. Chalkboard or bulletin board for their little memories
 Here is the plane mobile I made with some silver cording I found on clearance, an embroidery hoop, silver paint, and some travel themed scrapbook papers.


Finished - and realized that I need to turn it around to hide the hoop's hardware and cut off one of the strings I missed. LOL Oh, well.

I finished a painting today that was inspired by Pottery Barn Kids:

I just loved this so much. I love PB Kids, too. But, well, ya know. It's PB Kids. So, instead of $54.99...

This version free...sorta. I had all the supplies from paintings I did waiting for Andrew to be born 2 years ago. The canvas is $5 and the paints were like $2 each (all at Hobby Lobby) and I may have used one of their nifty 40% off coupons for the canvas... Who knows? It wasn't $54.99 that's for sure! And, yes I realizes that mine says "serviceS" not "service." It wasn't centered and it bugged me. It's still not actually...

I also got a map of the US that is on the wall next to Alex's bed, but of pic of that. I'll get one added this week. :)

Now, I am down to the "World times" clock area and bulletin board or something for their little memories and what not. We will see what I end up doing :) But, I am almost done!


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