Saturday, September 24, 2011

If I cough just one more time...

Friendly Note: If you are a parent, most of the content will not bother you. Otherwise, read with caution. 

Honestly, it would be fine. BUT! Only if that means that my 2 year old will stop getting sick in the middle of the night, my husband would get better, and my baby would continue being just fine. I am a mom and, obviously, that means that I can sleep when my kids are grown and have kids of their own, right?

I really don't mind the coughing. However, it is extremely obnoxious at night when I am finally able to go to bed. But it is nothing compared to the feeling of wondering when the next time someone is going either throw up or have the nastiest diaper in the history of nasty diapers explode all over you, the floors, the bed, the bathtub, the wall... I mean REALLY?!

Tuesday night, I was PRAYING that I had food poisoning. Nope. I guess this is one of God's ways of throwing another curve ball at me... I've had a pretty easy time with the boys. I have 2 amazing children who sleep through the night, eat well, and have never been sick...horribly sick...until now. Well, Alex is fine (fingers crossed!). But Andrew, poor guy, he got it bad Wednesday. Thursday we thought it was gone, and Friday was fine until night came. It was everywhere...oh, the horror... And, all I could do was laugh (on the inside - didnt want to make him feel bad) What else could I do? I was and still am completely annoyed that 3 out of 4 of us are sick. But, hopefully, it will be fine. Andrew has been doing better today (fingers crossed here too!) and they have both been asleep since about 730. So good...

Except what our water bill may look like LOL. Just in the last 4 days, we have done - no joke - 9 or 10 loads of laundry. Um, I only do one a day. Maybe. Sometimes I skip a day. But it is still only 1 load a day usually. And I dont know how many baths that little guy had to take, but we are now out of bubble bath...that I bought LAST WEEK. And it is a big bottle, too!

I am so over this.

Where my sick little guy slept last night... :(

This isn't even half of it...the rest is on the floor. At this point, there were 2 more loads going - 1 washing, 1 drying. UGH!

There is one thing about Andrew being sick though...he wants to snuggle with me all the time! I miss that. He is always on the go. He gotta build something, drive cars, play in tents, run through the house, and wipe off my kisses. So, I do enjoy this tiny positive, but I really want him to get better, too. And, fast! He's only 2. He hasn't even gone to "big school" yet - the Realm of Disgusting Germs... I'll get some more snuggle time then.

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