Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peacefulness in Progress

I have been working on our Master Bedroom. Nothing big deal, just some updates needed. When we moved in to our home, we were newlyweds. We had JUST come home from gorgeous Puerto Vallerta, Mexico. It was so beautiful and I do hope to get back there one day. Maybe our 10 year anniversary?

Anyhoo! I got this crazy idea in my head that our room should be like our mini-getaway. Especially with the kids now and them "taking over" the other rooms in the house, you have to have a place that is JUST yours. So, the bedding is pretty much done - thank you Target for having my euro shams on clearance!! Waiting really does make good things happen LOL. They were $32 something em for $16.99 Woot!

And the pretty flowy curatins. Made by me! I found this nifty tutorial on making curtains. Apparently, you have to order curtains online if you want the 96-inch ones...lame. So for $10, I have the perfect pair. YAY!

So the last few things to do for this room:
  1. Find a Craigslist chair to makeover and either a garden stool or a small round ottoman for my side of the bed.
  2. Change up the "headboard" area. We haven decided if we want to not have a headboard, buy on, or make one yet... We just go the king mattress set and it is still sitting on the floor without the bed frame. I am debating on giving the mirror a makeover, too. 
  3. I have some other things I am playing around with in the "wall art" category. So we shall see what end up where.
This week, though... I am getting the rest of the Fall stuff out (for the front of the house) and finishing up the boys' room (hopefully haha)

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