Monday, September 19, 2011

Andrew's 2nd Birthday Party Extravaganza!

Oh my. Is everyone's feed/email loaded with all my posts for today? Well, I am finally caught up and now (drum roll, please) for Andrew's 2nd Birthday Party Extravaganza!!!! 

Woot!! And, what and extravaganza it was! Oh, goodness. It was airplane themed since he is into airplanes more than ever now. He knew he was having a party, too. Especially when Jason took him to get balloons!

And, while they were out, I was getting the food ready and the decorations out.

The present opening area - and wow. That was CRAZY. lol

Party goodies :) I realize now I should have taken a pic of what was in those cute goody boxes for the kids. Inside was a plane, play-doh, compass, 3 world landmark cards (you know where they traveled to while flying aboard W Airlines lol), personalized coloring page, crayons, and bubbles. It's just not a party without bubbles. LOL Those boxes though are so fun! Love them. 

Andrew's jumbo birthday cupcake! He only chose to eat the frosting. Haha!

Yum - Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes! 

Travel-shaped pasta! So awesome! Found it at World Market while out shopping with Rachel one weekend.

I thought this was too cool to not share. Since we had partying going on inside and outside, I figured we needed a trashcan out there, too. And this one pops up. Coolness.

One of the tiny pilots.

And the reason for the aviator glasses :) Everyone became a pilot at the party!
Pilot: S11 Class (I dont think that is real...but it is for September 2011)
And the license number is the birthday. - Fun!
If you were at the party, you will get your pics in the mail with your thank you cards!

Now for the present opening extravaganza!

Oh my! There were a ton of these pics that I asked my brother, William, to take for me. These were the best shots and I love it! Thanks, buddy, for taking pictures!

And, for the birthday cupcakes! My camera died after the presents... Luckily my mom grabbed this picture with her phone.

I wish I had been able to take about 100 more! We had airplanes flying all over the backyard, frisbees flying and footballs being thrown. It was a great time!!

Thank you, again, to everyone who came out to help us celebrate Andrew's 2nd Birthday! Be on the lookout for your pilot's license! :D


  1. I love every single picture... and every single memory!!! A perfect celebration! Wonderful friends for Andrew and Alex, a beautiful family! So glad we could be there to see it all! xoxoxoxo!!! :)


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