Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andrew is 2!!!

My favorite colors are blue and green and red. My elephant is blue, but I love the Packers. I like to color with the red crayons.

My favorite animals are elephants and dogs and ducks. Tusker is the best. I like Max. He’s not an elephant. He is a dog. I like to sit by him, but he is kind of shy now. He sits with me in the back of the car when I get picked up from school. He's cool.

My favorite game is football. I just like to throw stuff. I like to run, too. I am really fast!

My favorite seasons are spring and fall. I love to go out and play.

My favorite shows are Thomas, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Special Agent Oso.

My favorite drinks are milk and apple juice.

My favorite book is anything with trains and airplanes
My favorite foods are chicken, cheese, bananas, goldfish, pretzels, and M&M cookies from Publix.

My favorite song is “I’ve been working on the railroad.” It has my name in it!

My favorite words are Da-Da, ma-ma, Alex, Max, school, mmhmm, out, all gone, and no.

My favorite place is outside. I love to go to the playground. I like the swing. I like climbing stuff, too.

My favorite person is Alex. But, Daddy is way cooler when he comes home from work. And, Mommy is who I go to for snacks and kisses on my boo-boos.

My friends are Zach, Grace, Brinley, Chloe and Jasper. Zach and Grace go to big school this year. And, Brinley goes to my school! I get to see Chloe and Jasper when our mommies make playdates. J

My grandparents are fun, too! They like to hold me a lot and give me prizes and goodies when Mommy and Daddy aren’t looking.

My name is Andrew and I am 2!!


  1. God bless Andrew, and your whole family too.

  2. I hope you received my e-mail of last week in response to yours. Sometimes my computer does not send e-mails OK.

    God bless.

  3. Thanks!

    And yes! I did get your email. Sorry! I thought I hit send - must've hit save LOL Trying again now :)


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