Friday, September 23, 2011

$10 Changing Pad Cover

Changing pad covers are ridiculously overpriced. And, I actually quit putting one on the pad a few months ago. But, the awesome room the boys have (here and here) was looking a bit icky with that uncovered vinyl thing on the dresser. So, I made one out of a towel. I was looking all over Pinterest and Target and everywhere else to find something new and nothing said "awesome boy room." It all screamed "hey, there's a baby in here! see my smiling animals and pastel colors!" Bleh. Lame. I am so over the cutesy baby stuff. They gotta grow into this room and once this is done. It's done. Until our new house ;)

Anyway, I found a fun towel that tied the whole room together - the blue/green/brown from the beds and the reds/oranges/yellows in the rug YAY!

Circo ABC Bath Towel - $9.99 (stores only, out of stock online)

So that above turned into this below!

Soft and snugly :) Slips on like a pillowcase, too. Easy thing to make - took about 15 mins (with all the cutting and pinning).


  1. I have those hand towels! Love this...may have to do this for Lincoln's room if I find a bath towel I like


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