Monday, April 9, 2012

Home Goals 2012 - Update

I figured it was definitely time for an update since the last one was done in January - oops! So this is where we are currently at in our list of Home To-Do's:

Living Room:
1. Media storage
2. Updated gallery wall (hallway) with DIY photo canvases   I will have a post to share on this shortly. Though I did add a picture of an amazing piece that I received in a giveaway on our Facebook.

Master Bed/Bath:
1. Framed bathroom mirror
2. Better storage
3. DIY headboard
4. Bedframe - I'm thinking against this everyday... I may cover the box springs instead... We'll see.

Boys' Room:
1. Wall art on Andrew's side
2. Toddler bed for Alex (this will be sometime this Fall - wow!)
3. Book sling & reading area
4. DIY curtains (the ones we currently have are fine, but the two monkeys who live there are a little wild with them...)    Post on those here!!

1. Window treatment Post on this soon
2. Lamp Post on this soon

Hall Bathroom:
1. Framed mirror

Linen Closet (formerly the hall closet):
1. Add shelving to closet for towels and bedding (there is a sad hanging shelf in there now that doesn't do anything except annoy me) I'm working on that this week!

Front Yard:
1. Planters by front door   Post on this soon, too!
2. Brick/stone bordered beds
3. Touch-up mailbox and fix the flag

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